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Xiang commented on Remaining Social

Awesome idea. New media makes thought sustainable. I think that in the future maybe there will be some technology that can collect people's thought and voice, then simulates in the computer using 3D MODEL or something like that. For example people can use VR glass or computer to interact a man even though he died. 


Xiang commented on Do more instead of regret

Morgan Meinel Thanks for your feedback Morgan:)  My own my story is after I graduated from the UK, in order to stay with my girlfriend I gave up the work chance in china and came to Australia. Now I have already been living in Australia two years and married here, and have a lovely baby right now. Western culture has a big influence on me, living the UK gave me an enlightenment about the faith, and I find my faith in Australia.  The different culture  established my view of life.

The aging population and illness is  the common problem in many countries including China and Australia, especially in Europe and Japan .But on the other hand, there are increasing technologies and  ideas to connect people and extend the relationships with them. Collaboration and interaction is the trend and the power to let the world be better, it also is the origin of humanity. This is difficult to stop aging population and illness, but we can keep positive energy to face these problems. .

I think that building the connection is important at this time. In china, the family relationship is warm let people not alone.  In christian cultural based countries, the connection with god and brothers and sisters provide them power to face life. Love and positive energy are the most beautiful things in every culture.   Just like here, OpenIDEO give a great potential to bring people together to solve or face a problem. Moreover, I work in a real estate development company in Sydney. Our future plan is focused on building a New type of integrated community which has a great connection with  residents and also with  facilities such as nursing homes, child care, hospital and primary school. The mission is let people live here with colorful connections and never alone.   

In this big data era, people should use the technologies to build and enhance the relationship with the world.  Self-love and loving others; personal value will be enlarged in the connection process. 



Xiang commented on Do more instead of regret

Thanks Erik. Keep going and never give up :)