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ZEYNEP commented on Peace Education and Constructive Engagement of Conflict

Hi Shane, here is the video for the 5 Keys to Social and Emotional Learning Success:
Basically, those five keys are Self Awareness ( which can be created through reflective journaling), Self Management ( which can be thought through breathing exercises), Social Awareness ( which can be improved through role playing) , Relationship ( can be created by working collaboratively) and Decision-Making (which can be improved through debate on an issue).

Here is an example of an activity called Mirroring

Duration 10-15 Minutes Social-Emotional Education

Directions: Ask the group to form pairs. The pairs can either sit or stand. One partner is Person A and the other is Person B. Invite person A to begin the activity by making motions. Inform the group that the Bs will mirror Person As actions. The goal is for your partner to be successful in mirroring you. After one minute, invite the pairs to exchange roles. Person B will lead, while Person A mirrors. After one minute begin the third round. Now invite the pairs to mirror one another but not to signal to the other person when they will switch roles and exchange leading and mirroring.

Debriefing Questions:

1- What is the experience of being the leader like for you?
2- What was the experience of being the follower like for you?
3- What was your experience like in the third round when there was no clear leader?
4- When did you experience discomfort? If so, how was your discomfort related cooperation?
5- Have you experienced a similar type of discomfort when trying to cooperate with others in the real world? When?
6- How can this activity help you understand issues related to cooperation?
7- How does our level of patience impact our ability to cooperate?

Many more examples can be found through this link: