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Hi may I know how can I submit the user experience map or add on to my idea's page?


YuYou commented on Harvesting Body Energy

Hello, Michael. I think a quick way to quickly reach an audience that is quite disconnected with this issue might be to catch them with direct benefits. Temple does not need that because it embodies fun into the idea of renewable energy, and in a sense it can be very engaging.

For places like a supermarket, there is a chance with more of these renewable energy contraptions, the cost of running the store might go down. If the supermarket is willing to reduce its prices since it now spends less on bills, it can help attract people in the initial phase.

But eventually this is a quick and direct benefit which works on surface level, and in order to really influence them, it comes with cultural and habitual change. Perhaps an old school campaign might be used, or there is further innovation to integrate the process of harvesting kinetic energy and the shopping experience.

From then on, I think there will be many many possibilities, at the same time it would be tricky. But this is something that is definitely worth talking about.


YuYou commented on Flying Green!

What is the angle of communication? What is the story to tell the passengers?
reducing the waste footprint might end up costing the airline more, but yet passengers might misunderstand that ditching packaged sugar or creamer actually cuts cost.

Reducing the carbon footprint is the more important aspect, air carrier alliances have helped to make flights more efficient by transporting the maximum amount of passengers per journey. However as air travel becomes cheaper and more intense, people will have the urge to take multiple holidays, leading to more flights and increased footprint.
We need to work towards a cultural change of taking less redundant flights, and perhaps even maximizing holidays so that the need for extra flights to a similar area is reduced.

Monetary reward is a quick way to get people started, but ideally we need to speak to them emotionally to spark off a change in mentalities.

Transparency is important also, because if it does happen that a more efficient system is implemented in the airline company, making costs of flights lower. It has to make sure the people do not assume it is keeping the extra earnings. If they do not lower the prices, they should ideally provide other benefits(hopefully environmentally friendly). Because from a marketing perspective, people expect the equal value for the price they paid before the improvements