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Yu-Jin commented on Making recycling simple, efficient, focused

Your pictures are amazing. They make it clear how recycling is perceived there. Like you said they look inviting, playful, bright, encouraging and mostly simple. Often anything to do with trash or of government property look daunting or conveys a neutral information only tone that sounds more like a voice of a teacher you know you can get away with. On the other hand, with a teacher who is more playful, spontaneous in her/his approach, students tend to relate and be better.

I like this idea! What we could try out might be as simple as changing the looks of recycling bins provided at homes. Make them simple, vibrant colours, friendly and playful for all ages- children to even stubborn grown ups, move on from neutral informative tone to of more open minded inviting message.


Yu-Jin commented on Recycling with purpose...and style

True, aesthetics is of significance. The poignancy and expression of oneself is of human nature and trash, recycling included, has the opposing image of that How can we encourage and incorporate turning trash i.e., coffee grounds into something of beauty or house decoration at their own homes? What do you think could be done to make it do-able at home?


Yu-Jin commented on No trash pickup without Recycle bin

This makes sense. Although people don't get to understand the significance or the reason of recycling , they are almost forced to do it like doing any other house chores- if you don't do it, your trash kind of attitude. Ideally it would be great to have people understand their actions but like in all desperate situations, anything to get things in motion.

Being hopeful, along with this great idea how can we incorporate people;s understand of it? Or is it even important at all to have people understand the issue?