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Yany commented on "I worked hard for my energy"

Hi Karen,

Thanks for bringing up this peculiar phenomenon that is occurring in this rapidly changing societies that most of us face nowadays.

This takes me way back in time, and I can't help but feel the incoherence and discontinuity that we have in relation to our roots, our consciousness. We say something, but then we act on the other. We want a specific result, but we don't want to invest in the process. We are excited about adventures, but we cannot afford to take risks. This specific type of behavior is getting worse and worse through generations with the help of the technological machineries that on one hand is supposed to make our lives easier, but on the other hand it makes things too easy to even care.

The problem however, is not technology or human laziness, it is deep rooted on our loss of self-discovery. We don't feel curious about the environment anymore, we don't have empathy for our neighbors anymore, we don't find excitement in communicating with each other anymore, the eager to meet new things and people is just not there anymore. What has happened to us? Are we really more advanced compared to our ancestors? I am not sure about the answer of this question anymore. We, who have lost the will to learn from our surroundings, have lost the battle against any forthcoming disaster.

To reclaim our glory, we have to unlearn, relearn and keep learning from the environments that we live in. We have to start from ourselves, become what we aspire to be, change the world from within. Only when everybody takes responsibility on what he/she does, that's when the world shifts for the better. It's that simple, no need to change others because when you change yourself for the better, you are also affecting others to do the same. So, what are you waiting for?