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John commented on Vykarious

Hi Vibhu Krishna ! More props and kudos! Every person I have shared this idea with "got it" immediately and agreed "What a great idea!"  I'm happy you found sympatico folks to flesh out the idea with. My sincere gratitude to you and love and prayers to your grandmother for inspiring you in this. What I like best is energizing and helping relate people at different stages of life. Best wishes on the unfolding of this potent, vital idea!


John commented on Vykarious

This is for me an exciting and rich idea that can energize and delight many people!  There is something here that taps into deep human interconnectedness (Interbeing in the word coined by Thich Nhat Khan). As a volunteer who regularly interacts with those who are very ill and confined after a lifetime of movement, I can see there is a lot of pent-up desire and wishes to travel, to do things, see people, places. And I personally know one or two Vykings! For example, here is a friend, Paula Wood and her team of 4 women who are participating in the Mongol Rally road race: a 10,000 mile, 2 continent road trip in 2 "crappy hatchbacks"!

I'd like to help you test out your idea to strengthen it, and really hone in on the value proposition to both participants. Given access to a sample group from each, what small, lightweight tests can we run to get their feedback and begin to really prove your idea?

I like the additions others have suggested, and they may or not work in the context you've created. What they show to me is how your idea is sparking other, related ideas. But stay focused and keep your concept tight. 

I'm also reminded of when I traveled to visit my father's relatives in Ireland.  In a way I was making the trip for my father (who had died a dozen years earlier). Like others of his generation, he was so focused on establishing himself and his family as immigrants in the US, he wasn't able to travel until late in life. But the great aunt and second cousins we met loved that the next generation was seeking them out, returning, in a way, where our parents couldn't.


John commented on Tomorrow will be a better day!

Paddy Padmanabhan thank you for sharing your mother's well-lived end of life! Your appreciation for the joys and strange turns taken as her body failed while her spirit stayed bright shows us how to approach our own end as she did: "Through all this Mother would just chuckle and appeared game for the next test." 
I admire your and your sister's persistence in questioning the pat answers and diagnoses of others. 
From my experience, hospice and palliative care fit what you 'stumbled upon' as the ideal circumstance, allowing your mother the familiarity and warmth of her home and family, with accommodations for lessened movement or other functions and pain care. 
I also love your idea of a social enterprise nurturing an ecosystem for patients, families and caregivers. Check out Aaron Wong 's What Happens After 40? and Why Can't Every Nation Have a Dignified 'Dementia Village' like the Netherlands? also Death Over Dinner 

How might we better make known what options are available to families when an elder falls, becomes frail or newly diagnosed with one or more conditions? How can we better prepare ourselves and loved ones for the unpredictable changes age and time bring?