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Stephan commented on Healthy Milk from Mali for Mali

Thank you Cortney,

I will add these details to the vision. Where do you think would they fit the best? a) Adresse the challenges, b) high level vision, c) full vision?

Are there any guidelines for citations?

Many thanks and best regards


Stephan commented on Healthy Milk from Mali for Mali

Hi Cortney

Thank you very much for your encouraging feedback and the question you raised to strengthen the vision.

Please see below answers or questions/comments to your helpful inputs.
If you don’t mind I would very much appreciate your further feedback to strengthen the vision:

Yes, Palma has been fed successfully to cows, sheep and goats. There is also scientific research behind the application of Palma.

Yes, Palma is safe and healthy for the diets of cows. Palma has a very similar composition than corn, except that it contains more water, which is a big benefit in dry locations.

I don’t know exactly about the Methan production in particular and will double check this point. However, the big benefit in growing Palma is that it grows on marginal land. That means that on land, which was not cultivated a plant that binds carbon very well can be planted. Once the first plant grows it is easier to grow additional plants that support further regenerative cultivation of land.

I’m not aware that people directly eat Palma, however if Palma is grown long enough its fruits, the cactus figs, can be consumed by people.

Indeed I strongly believe that an integrated value chain system on any foodstuff has many interconnected opportunities. The reason why I focused on milk is that milk is embedded in the culture of Mali and is rich in proteins. Protein is important for the cognitive development. I also grew naturally in this topic, as I did research work on it. So I feel very comfortable to talk about what is possible and what not, whereas for other foodstuff I don’t have this deep understanding.

I read the toolkit and will check it again to strengthen the vision.
Do you have a recommendation where and how to build in the above or any other points to make the vision stronger?

Thank you very much for your inputs and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

all the best


Stephan commented on Healthy Milk from Mali for Mali

Hi Itika
Many thanks for your message and happy New Year. I hope you had a good atart into 2020. I'm still playing around with the toolkit and step by step work through the submission details. Once I got everything to a publishable draft version I will publish it.

Best regards