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The core concept of “Investment quest” covers the two sections of "Investing from scratch"
and "Building a portfolio". The game puts users

The core concept of “Investment quest” covers the two sections of "Investing from scratch" and "Building a portfolio". The game puts users

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Hoong Chun commented on Fun stories


Your suggestions sounds great and good pointed some key areas to note that, how and why people want to fund your project?

What's the ups that's different from the rest? How will student understand from the story? How to turn a less dry and technical terms into something that children of age 6 will be interested?

A mock up storyline on paper or a an act might be a good way for prototype to start pitching and testing.

In fact, to my knowledge, there might not be anything similar in the market right now. Maybe there's no demand for it? How about a pretotype for market response before getting into real developement stage?

Just a thought


Hoong Chun commented on Financial Buddy System

Hi will

This is an great idea.
Having taking into account where homeless have no access to the internet.

However, for starter, what kind of areaa of financial education you are suggesting?

Maybe there two areas came to my mind was that, how to maximum the money they collected from the street to increase their financial position, and maybe a paid job that.motivate them to look forward on every.morning and in exchange be paid as well.

Will will you suggest we could trigger a viral effect as this is certainly a real world.problem, where homeless are not necessarily financially inknowlegable, maybe just have no head start to begin with.


Hoong Chun commented on The future of your children is "Capital"

Hi Sarah,

This is an interesting idea.

Just a few thoughts of my own.

Apart from commiting to CSR from big corperations.
Why will these partners want to be part of it? How will spending money on daily online shopping leads to saving?

However, I like the idea of investing and saving up concept. As it certainly plant a seed of financial literacy into the youth minds. Perhaps, a bit more information on how to empower these knowledges through a series of practical stimulation? Having seeing the money actually grow or fall, during the the process of investment?

Will it be better to to save up or invest? What's the opportunity Costs?

Just a thought.