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We are living longer - and we can live long and well, if we have good health, are financially secure, and are socially engaged.

We are living longer - and we can live long and well, if we have good health, are financially secure, and are socially engaged.

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Thank you Kate Rushton !

Danyelle - Excellent work and idea! I think there is definitely a need for something like this, I often think we focus on STEM education, but sometimes the very basic life skills are missing. Managing your finances and figuring out how ends meet definitely fall into this category!

A few things to consider:
- might want to start the app early, for ex. provide allowance for doing homework, house chores and then eventually graduate to the task rabbit for teens version. Mainly because it is a lot easier to build habits earlier on in life.
- Have you consider connecting this social impact to other social impact? For examples, helping elders/seniors? Perhaps you can tap into programs whereby you can link up Youth spending time with Seniors as a way of earning allowance/doing chores. There is a lot of mutual benefits in this model - in terms of mentorship and social benefit for youth and seniors.
- Another potential collaborator is Junior Achievement - a nonprofit that focuses on financial literacy
- There is actually a TON of budget around financial education, and sadly impact results show very little impact. (
However, I think it is not that education is not important, it is education needs to be different, it needs to create financial habits, as opposed to information. I often think of it as more like life skills as opposed to learning science.
- I have ran some focus groups and survey work around money and people's perception around money. Such a majority of the research shows it starts from someone they learn about money values from - so I think you are definitely onto something in terms of trying to scale this.

I am happy to be an advisor to provide feedback on your idea! Sadly at the moment, a bit tapped out to offer to be a full collaborator! Feel free to connect on LinkedIn, if that would be helpful.

Good luck!

Anne-Laure Fayard  Thank you so much Anne! I appreciate it!
Adhish Patel  Kathleen Chao : I would love to have a chat! I can be reached at Thank you!

Thank you so much Kate! Appreciated all the feedback and encouragement along the way! I am so thrilled the idea has made it to Top Ideas! I look forward to the feedback of the evaluation committee on developing it further!

Thank you to everyone on the team, and to those who provided feedback and support!