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Dr. James K. commented on Protective Eye Wear for use with intense UV decontamination

Hello Shane.
There are already manufactures of eye glasses and face shields that have the capacity to use polycarbonate materials if they are so specified. Any dispenser of eye glass Rx or sunglasses can order such eye wear. Photo transition technology can be applied to any of these, though it may not be necessary for the face shield if the worker is already wearing polycarbonate safety glasses so equipped. It would just be redundant. The images are the same as equipment already in use. If polycarbonate was specified test the product to make certain. Check with your eye doctor or optics dispenser. Polycarbonate is known to block UV. That's why I specified using tempered glass in the floor of the Wickiebox instead of Polycarbonate. Hope this helps. Thanks for your interest. (Every see someone with a sunburned face except for the eyes? Most sun glasses are now made of poly material.)

I would like to point out that the final step in the BLS-4 decontamination protocol used by the Government and Labs around the world is a UV bath on the target.

Hello again Todd. I am getting more positive response on the basic idea of a decontamination booth or "box". I would like to know more about the portable "plasmawhirl" system and how it could be adapted and incorporated into this sort of portable system. I am being encouraged to submit to USAID's Grand Challenge. and "bring your ideas" post. I have already contacted a RV manufacturer to inquire if they might be interested in the manufacture of such. I spoke with the manager of one particular branch of their company and he seemed enthusiastic about the idea and will send it up the chain of command. Apparently the main company is owned by a name you would instantly recognize and they have such facilities that might be adapted to the purpose all over the country. Can you please suggest a diagram of such a system installed in a "booth" approximately 3ftX3ftX6ft,8in. tall? It would need to rest on lockable castors, accessible to hospital elevators, have the necessary control panel and protocol instructions mounted on the exterior, (a tempered glass (window? in the floor for foot wear decontamination) etc and so on . Two doors opposite each other,. A "dirty" door for entry and a "clean" door for exit. Extra features to be added. More later. All my best. Thanks again. Dr. James.