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I've had limited experience with the current PPE employed by front line Ebola workers but I believe the US military's current chemical/biological protective garments fit more tightly and are hotter than PPE. The MOPP garments are generally tight fitting, thick and cumbersome, with a cloth outer shell and an internal material impregnated with charcoal.

I've had personal experience with Qore Performance's thermoregulation products, specifically the bicep sleeve and shorts. I became interested in them because I suffered a heat injury many years ago while in military MOPP4 chemical protective garments and mask under heavy exertion in a hot environment. Qore's products are elegantly simple and act like an oil cooler for your bloodstream. The first time I wore them I noticed an immediate increase in aerobic performance and a dramatic decrease in perspiration and fatigue. The logistics tail for these products is light since the phase-change inserts can be reused again and again. I use a small refrigerator to recharge the inserts, which I suspect even most rudimentary medical facilities have for storage of medications and blood. This kit should be standard issue for anyone subject to working in extreme environments.