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A one-click tablet platform that allows the user - early to mid-stage dementia patients - to easily access entertainment.

A one-click tablet platform that allows the user - early to mid-stage dementia patients - to easily access entertainment.

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Hi Molly - took a look at the user journey - love it! I really like cartoons. It communicates the idea really well. As you said, I do think this is forward thinking and will be great for the huge population that is aging. My Mom wouldn't have done games, but she isn't your target.

So a couple thoughts - it seems like you will need a companion device to gather data? It isn't clear yet if that is included. What I love is the aspect of support for the caregiver. If the person with dementia won't participate - you could have a manual version where the caretaker can check off changes in behavior. I can't tell you how many times I've gone online to recheck the stages and try to estimate where on the spectrum my Mom is.

There is a company called Miro Health you should check out.

: )

Absolutely - if you send to my gmail: first.last@gmail I will get back to you quickly.

I am disheartened that my idea didn't make it further, can't help that. But I'm happy to help you in any way I can. As to the brain game, I think it is important to keep your brain active, but my Mom was well read, healthy - she ate like the perfect diet: salmon, brown rice, veg, no sugar, no dairy, for 30 years - never smoked, didn't do drugs, did drink wine and coffee. Exercised daily. None of it mattered.

Her Mom also had dementia, but they say genetics is only part of the picture:

What I think is - you can do the preventive steps, but if you are going to get it - you're going to get it. How it progresses may be helped, but I don't really entirely buy it based on my experience. Personally, I fervently hope they find a cure.

My other suggestion is to realize the dementia patient has diminished capacities. My Mom first behaved as a teenager, then 10, then 4, now....she is present, aware, makes facial responses, but she can't do anything without help. That said, she doesn't seem like an's hard to explain.

Congratulations! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. I highly recommend It is a great prototyping tool, and free for three projects. Super easy to use and you end up with a link you can send.