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Victor commented on Build bridges by art and culture

Hi Souad Nanaa  
We loved your team’s idea for the BridgeBuilder™ 2019 Challenge: People on the Move. Our chapter in Sydney organised a local community dinner and used your idea for People on the Move to do an analysis and discover how we can enhance the project. Written below, is what we understood from your idea, we marked areas which needed clarification and found potential opportunities to help enrich the existing idea.

____________________________What we understood from the idea.

1. What’s the proposed idea and how does it tackle the problem?
The proposed idea is to connect newcomers to locals in the art community help immerse and integrate these newcomers into the local culture. By providing language classes and the opportunity to present information in a museum setting the newcomers will gain confidence and language skills to help them eventually find work in their given field.

2. What’s great about this idea?
The idea’s strength comes from combining society with culture and the economy which ultimately used culture as a leverage for integration. By integrating local and native language tours to attract a mixed crowd (naturally curious people) the project is able to find common values between the local and native cultures.

3. What human need is being designed for?
The idea is giving the newcomers dignity for being recognised for their professional experience. By being in a social environment, it helps the newcomers reduce the language barriers and helps align the foreign and local culture with a common belief system.
Provocations & considerations.
1. What could be improved?
Try building from your successful past, it seems the project is “One Size Fits All”, are there any other roles besides tour guide?
What support system is in place during and after the program? Do the Trainees get paid?
Are there any testimonials from the trainees on the real impact the project has had on their lives?
There were some areas of the idea that we felt needed clarification:
How will the newcomers establish build and network with people in their relevant industry?
What's the process of getting into the program?

2. How would you add to the idea?
How can this idea be scaled up?
How can the program extend the experience of empowerment and local culture to family members at home who aren’t part of the program?
How are the goals of the program measured? There should be multiple roles available to suit different personality and skills
How can the project be used for art therapy?
There should be some kind of rotation in the roles to keep the job interesting.
Encourage the newcomers to share their own interpretation of views towards the art.
Making the tours more accessible.
Educating children about the host country’s culture.
We really enjoy your idea and hope that our feedback can be used to enhance the current one.
Thank you,
The Open Ideo - Chapter Sydney