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Srividhya commented on Watch together- TV, Games, DIY and everything else!

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for the comment. All schools seem to have had their online classes up and running during COVID lockdowns and would probably keep half their class online even if schools open up. My idea is best applied to all the age groups that attend school classes online (but do not like it because they would rather prefer their shows, games or movies than classes). The approach to high school students might need to behaviorally different than for younger kids. Younger kids show a lot more enthusiasm (after they overcome initial shyness) and better group participation - you can have a half hour watch together session for this group that meets daily and share a list of things to do for their entire day with them and parents/caregivers. Whereas, for the preteens and teens, you need to have a chat group, instagram account, maybe even a netflix account as a group! I replied to Peter's with a few examples on how young people can experience the same - please check and share your thoughts. Thanks!


Srividhya commented on Watch together- TV, Games, DIY and everything else!

Hi Peter, Thanks for the comment. I agree that some of the techniques my teachers used can be applied to the watch together group as well. Listing off a few here (note that creative or constructive does not necessarily mean DIY stuff and workbooks): 1. Preteens and teens love challenges - ask them to create a newspaper tee shirt/ write a letter by cutting out alphabets from news paper (it can be addressed to anyone)/ have a party togther where they are asked to bring items they baked at their residence or a novel snack (example - ask them to pack cookies for 5 friends in the group - each day they can eat up one of their friends' cookie, maybe thank them for sharing and the friend tells them what flavours they like!) / challenge them to live with marie kondo minimalism of 5 clothes for a month/ showcasing their room (they will end up cleaning it :))/ workout together in pairs / use printable or diy game boards rather than playing it online. 2. For the younger bunch and toddlers - they like rolemodels and appreciation. However, they never seem to tire. Engage them in all daily chores - they like to help you and some of the habits sticks on as they grow. Paint with different colored paste on bathtub walls and ask them to scrub it off before bath (you might have to get in the bath tub together)/ after the group session, you can set up simple challenges like count the walls (tables, cups, lamps etc) in your house and tell me how many, jump everytime your mom calls your name (handles their energy and teaches them to count); then during the call, they can bring toys to play and add anna's toys with mary's toys, see if john has any 'carnivorous' toys, tell the group the number of pillows in the house and also have a virtual pillow fight by imagining pillows to be peoplr in the group - the teacher tells them how pillows are made and what is cotton etc). The idea is to start off within their online world but provide them something more - which is a teaching, learning and experimenting community. All the above are what we can call 'online moderated' - where the child does not have to be online all the time but the group sets and influences the goal (aligning with the child's desires and slowly engaging him/her to think constructively) Let me know if these examples are enough and your thoughts.