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Víctor commented on Lima 2035

Dear Soroush and team:

First and foremost, thanks for making me feel like a part of this kind of initiatives necessaries for the sustainable development of our city. I was pleased to read the entire proposal and just have some specific inputs and contributions hoping it will be useful for your interests:

1. About the “Policy establishing a premium charge for city water consumed in excess of basic needs”.

It is important to note that this proposal need a regulation behind. In that sense, I suggest it is important to deepen and strengthen the current legislation of the National Superintendence of Sanitation Services, in order to make an integral initiative that can overcome the necessary administrative and legal issues (including market studies and open hearings), in addition to the political partnership in the Congress.

In addition, maybe this idea can promote a necessary knowledge by all citizens about the "water footprint" that each person has and how to increase awareness in order to reduced it. A clear example for these situations of awareness and subsequent regulation in Lima was the "fasten belts in cars". First, a campaign to raise awareness of the need for its use (in our case, the reduction of unnecessary consumption); second, the establishment of penalties for not using the belt (in our case, the generation of an exceptional charge after exceeding the daily or monthly consumption to what is essential).

2. Harvesting water from our Lomas.

This is an amazing idea and even already been proposed as a measure of adaptation to climate change, within the framework of updating Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) that will take place this year. Particularly, within the National Adaptation Plan (NAP), this initiative will be implemented from the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Municipality of Lima. But they not contemplate yet the potential that you saw related of gravitational potential energy. I think there is a lot of potential here.

About this regarding, I know of a particular success case of the NGO "Haz tu Mundo Verde", led by the young activist Jorman Cabello (email: Their initiative promotes ecotourism and development of neighborhood economic activities in San Juan de Lurigancho´s Lomas and they already have a first pilot (very small but significant) to harvest water from the mist. Maybe you can contact him and take some lessons learned from this reality in order to improve the proposal.

3. Harnessing synergies between architecture and agriculture:

This is one of the measures not contemplated in the actual Peruvian NDCs and its urgently needs to be considered. In this sense, I suggest adding to the already established calculations the impact linked to the mitigation of climate change and the reduction of CO2 that it would imply at its various scales.

In addition, the gender factor is key to closing gaps. The necessity to empower women as household administrator and their management role can be integrated into the proposal in order to generate greater impact

4. An urban park spanning 1,350 hectares of restored lomas -four times the size of New York’s Central Park.

Do you know the proposal of PEPENAR? ( The initiative can be a mirror of your idea, especially in the difficulties for implementation that it has been facing for several years. You could overcome those based on their lessons learned. The contact here is José Alcántara: responsible for the implementation of the park.

It only remains for me to convey my congratulations and wish you every success.

My best,