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Vanusa commented on School in a Box

Hi Bernhard Eiser, thank you for your comment and suggestion. :) We have thought about different materials that could be fun for children to play and learn such as books, (coloring books, story books, arts and crafts books), chalkboards, we could have tables and chairs and also a chushioned area to listen to stories, workshops for the parents could also happen. We could have other games and activities for the kids, but this is something we definitely have to think further. We would need to check with the community what type of materials they would like to have and also by talking to local teachers we could get more information.


Vanusa commented on School in a Box

Hi Emmanuel Agu, thank you for your commment. Firstly, Our next step would be talking to different organizations that have already worked in this community. As they have worked there, they have lots of information about the culture, people, traditions etc. So, they could advise us whether the community would like this idea or not. One of this organizations is Educate Zimbabwe’s Children that we mentioned above.

Secondly, We have come across Cal-earth through our research. Cal-earth is an amazing source of information for us as they have held workshops around the world on how to build superadobe houses, the time for building varies, it depends on how large each eco-dome would be, but it says that it can be build in 10 weeks.

I would suggest you to watch this video:

and also, have a look at Cal-earth website:
Many important aspects of building eco-domes is written in there. The construction time is mentioned in technical, question number 3.

Those two organizations have amazing tools that could help us to make this project a reality so, next step would be getting in touch with them to collect information and check the possibility of a sponsorship or partnership.


Vanusa commented on School in a Box

Yes, definitely. Thank you for your comment and idea once again. :)