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vanessa commented on Grocery Store Waste (NYC)

This story reminded me of a conversation I had with a San Francisco barista at my local cafe. One day I asked what happened to the fresh pastries and bagels at the end of the day. The response was that they get thrown out because they will be stale by the next opportunity for sale (i.e. the next morning). When I enquired why they aren't donated, the barista replied that there are services that come and collect leftover food but these services require that you have a consistent and sizable portion of waste to contribute each day. Because the cafe never knows how much they are going to sell in one day, and therefore can't know how much they will have leftover, they are unable to use this service. My next question was why can't they donate the leftover goods to the homeless as San Francisco has a large homeless population. The response this time was they are scared of the liability. My last question for the barista; "What about selling them at discounted prices the next morning? Obviously the will still be food delicious and edible tomorrow." The barista didn't think their customers would want to buy anything that wasn't extremely fresh, so they weren't going to bother trying.