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Val commented on Branded Mentorship

I agree there is something to do around coffee places (see my other comment
I can easily imagine companies looking for this kind of local events to promote their products or services. Let's imagine a scenario: Yann 20 living near by, goes to the coffee place to work on his university assignments, notices the café is branded by Adidas promoting their latest running shoes. Upon entering the café, he indicates on the board or to the sponsor host that he can give advice on the best walking or running trails in the city. Julie 52 stops by the café and would love to hear from someone about the best nature/sports spots in town. Via the board or thanks to the sponsor host, the 2 starts exchanging over their free drink and donut (offered by the sponsor).


Val commented on Introducing: Digital coffee breaks

A refreshing idea! I like the idea of random surprise! the concept is simple yet deep in meaning. Like this article reports, it's interesting to notice that millennials actually already spend quite some time in coffee places!

In France, we also have such talks for reverse-mentoring in enterprises:
If top management promotes it, this can be very valuable for the young adult joining the enterprise or making an internship, and the older adult who can gain from digital knowledge or new methods (ex: Agile) inputs.
The software tools already deployed in the enterprise, such enterprise portal with an expert search feature or enterprise social network, can certainly help workers to connect and find a mentor based on the needed skills.

Now this is inside the enterprise world. Outside, could we leverage social networks to help young adults and older people to pair? or would it require to create a new platform, considering the older people are not so involved in the social networks?

Note: On that enterprise topic, it is worth mentioning a 3-days conference created originally by Danone and now involving several french large companies, called "Octave" (, focused on the topic: "how to give the young people and seniors (50+) their proper place in the enterprise". This kind of conference definitely contributes to bringing awareness on the need to help young people and seniors to share their knowledge and skills.