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Thx for adding me to the team.

Sometimes I read a briefing again and again so I can reflect ideas. In this phase I saw the sentence about "gamification" - please check out the following website : I was engaged with the founders before they sold it to kaisergames. The idea was to built up a gaming portal where employees can discover their company by taking over "new" virtual jobs. The game is/was extremly helpful for e.g. a transformation phase of M&A projects or to built up an employer branding strategy so graduates can "walk-around" the company and see how it fits to them or not.

I believe this gaming platform would be very helpful for "one day" so the user can explore and match the perfect "one day match" and can prepare virtually what they will discover later on live at the "on day" interaction.

What do you think?

If it would be interesting for you, I could try to get in touch with the owner of kaisergames / fliplife and ask them if they would support our project idea. Maybe we could do with them and the teams from London and Barcelona,... an openideo meetup in Cologne. I would also to try that we get some "brain" support from Deutsche Telekom and the uqbate Program ( or from my own incubator.

uqbate is normally an intrapreneur program but I am part of the coaching team and I now the Head of Innovation Mgmt very well. ;-)



Uwe commented on Micro-Business Incubator (MBI)

Hi Alain, I looked to other chats at openideo and found a link to a business model canvas what is especially developed for social entrepreneurship. maybe that helps more.


Hi Meena, cool I didn´t know that BMC is also available for Social Enterprises.
I am currently preparing a BMC for our case. For this I need detailed facts and data about (corporate) volunteering, online volunteering and challenges in the third sector in USA and Europe. Do you or anybody else can give me an advise where I can find consolidated data in the web? BR UWE