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Hi team, what an inspiring and thoughtful contribution to this challenge. Curious to know more about student's feedback and responses to your method thus far! Education and advocacy seem to be a great approach to give students permission to explore their emotions in a safe and supported way. Best of luck in the challenge!

I think your idea really hits the nail on the head here! Sometimes, all that is needed for youth to really push through their limitations of professional exposure and engaging the skill set and creativity they already have lies within the educational context that is designed to support them. A design workshop as you've suggested could potentially expose thousands of students to realize and develop their ideas from early schematics and conceptualization to realization. The ability to create a forum where students can build confidence behind new ways of thinking and feel supported is key! Your idea cultivates collaboration, excitement and self-esteem to name a few. Maybe a healthy dose of competition could be added into the mix to get the youth's juices flowing-I would love to support you in anyway possible. As an architecture student, I have experience with organization and familiarity with design charrettes.


Umrah commented on Fostering Success

Justine, I thank you for bringing a topic that for me is a bit shrouded in mystery and heavy in stereotypes into the spotlight. Based on your data, it is easy to understand why this specific youth population would be such a inspiring area to direct focus, as well as having quantifiable impacts in actual workforce placement and emotional feedback. I would love to learn more about the potential opportunities for the public to engage in this program, perhaps through the various stages you mentioned including: securing interview-appropriate dress clothes, organizing career panels and networking events, as well the simple practical needs of securing safe and efficient transportation to and from the interviews and perhaps with the physical support and presence of a mentor/adult. There seems to be many avenues of potential assistance the public could contribute towards to assist in the foster child's potential for success. Awesome work! Excited to see this one evolve.