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umit commented on The Youth Unemployment Crisis may not be a Crisis

This assessments are very accurate. well said. The millennial are more independent than the generation before and wont settle for less and this mindset is leading us towards a new idea economy. And to get there millennial, the catalyst of this idea economy, are willing to delay certain things by leveraging what is available to them today (i.e Staying in parents home to avoid mortgage and marriage). Those with higher degrees (MS or PhD) have even higher expectations and are subject to even worse conditions - perhaps another side effect of inequality, opportunity for all propaganda that I hear a lot these days. Also one can argue that many of us have worked in service level jobs before (in high school, during college years, in between jobs, etc). Also I do not think forcing highly educated millennial with (MS or PhDs) to flip a burger at McDonald is not a life enhancing or humbling life experience. Also we need to keep in mind that this over educated underemployment situation of millennial change from economy to economy. Certain governments in well developed countries can provide a assurance against such defaults but not here, not in US. I know many PhD cab drivers in NYC streets. God bless idea economy!!!