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Tulio commented on Mail Courses


I agree that at first sight, digital communication might seem cheaper, but one needs to take into account the conditions of every refugee/settlement area we are approaching. What I mean is, there is probably no "one size fits all" solution here, but a need for developing a toolkit that would adjust to every situation we face.

For instance, a certain refugee camp may already have a well established food/medical supply line from the UN (hypothetical situation), but electricity solely based on fuel generators. That means mail already comes in regularly with no set-up costs (only incremental) and electricity is probably scarce. Yes, this can be solved through solar panels, but then your set-up costs increase (not to mention cell-phones, tablets, etc). In this particular case, mail is probably cheaper but it can easily change given a different background.

@Shane, maybe for the next stage it would be nice to get actual footage of what refugee camp living actually feels like


Tulio commented on Quality self-study

Christopher, although I have no experience with the other softwares you mentioned, I think your comment is spot on the GMAT prep software. In my opinion, it's key feature is being able to sort what types of questions it should serve next, according to the student's progress. While using the software, it becomes quite clear that at first it tries to define the level of knowledge you have on a certain topic by providing a mix of easy and difficult questions. Having the baseline set, it starts from there to teach you new concepts, reinforce others and then serve difficult questions again.


Tulio commented on Radio Broadcast Lessons

This is a great example of how to deal with limited resources, as often happens in extreme situations like the one we are dealing with. Congrats