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Tom commented on Tap into the hospice volunteer network

Thanks, Kate. Image added. Incentive should come from self-motivation of the volunteers, who already care about the work they do. Being asked to share what they've learned with other caregivers who need their help would be a great acknowledgement of their service. A byproduct of these information exchanages could also be emotional support for the hospice volunteers. Even without pursuing it directly, just the act of sharing one's experience with someone else who might benefit from it could be very validating and emotionally supportive for the hospice volunteers, who otherwise may not have any other outlets for regularly sharing what they've learned with people who are truly interested and seeking it.

I would think some type of gamification could also be added, with some badges, perhaps, that are awarded based on votes from caregivers, that acknowledge the quality of a hospice volunteer's input around a given type of dementia (it is not just one thing).

Regarding training, I'm not sure what other hospices do, and whether states have their own varying requirements or not. Hospice By The Bay requires completion of classroom training and self-paced video and textbook material that includes quizzes to confirm understanding.

Also, on a final note, this idea is very consistent with a number of others in the Staying Connected category. I didn't read through all 39 out them (may be more now), but after browsing through several I realized a couple of things:
1. The idea of an app or website designed to help caregivers find ideas to use with their patients is prevalent in this category, and consistent with what my idea is in that regard
2. I didn't see any that proposed leveraging the wisdom of the crowd, as it were, with a crowd comprising hospice volunteers, which is what I think makes my contribution here unique. If there is another one that does this then we can definitely combine this one with it.

This could either be a nice augmentation of one of the app/website submissions; or one of them would be a welcomed addition to this one. Just depends which tail you want to wag the dog, as it were.


Tom commented on Where's my roboadvisor for retirement?

Check out United Income by Kate Rushton.

The description of what this yet-to-be-launched fintech company is offering matches exactly what I was imagining. Thanks, Kate, for sharing this!!


Tom commented on Comparing Robo-Advisers for Retirees

Here's one from Wingee Sin : !!