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I can’t argue with what you’re proposing. Although, with anything physical, whether stickers or additively-manufactured action figures of Tim Brown, there’s a problem with intentionality and conveyance.

Like, I believe you and I would go ape-crackers for O/I swag. But we’re already familiar with and fans of O/I, and we’d likely expect to obtain this loot from O/I directly. However, in terms of recruitment of O/I-virgins, where would they encounter said loot and would the “message” be tacit enough to drive participation?

Then again, perhaps volunteering to run a table at the Service Design Network Conference, handing out “I’m a hero!” O/I koozies would be the most incredibly impactful thing ever. Just perhaps…

Personally, I’m holding out for the black velvet poster of Don Norman and Bill Moggridge arm wrestling under a banner held by cherubs that reads, "Designers are made, not born".

All due respects, most sadly.

Nicholas Persa Thanks for asking about my contribution.

iStickers seemed like a natural decision. I consider the audience of OpenIDEO to be social media maximizers, which points directly to, as you pointed out, memes!

At the same time, I was having difficulty imagining how printed material would be utilized. Like, where would one hang a poster publicly to generate a high rate of participation — except perhaps a classroom, and that wouldn’t generate enough impressions to justify the cost. There's more potential in the pixel-based notions that we pass between our network, like your FB sticker-pack example.

Anyways, I graciously appreciate your support. There are many ambitious projects contributed to this challenge, some even to re-architect OpenIDEO(!), while mine is but a practical idea. So, it can use all the Wendy's chicken nuggets, I mean *votes*, it can get!

Speaking of some of the more involved submissions, I'd like to think iStickers has far greater impact at a lower investment than monkeying with the site. The foremost driver to someone participating (i.e., our definition of success) is compelling that prospective hero to show up here. The rest is usability.

James McBennett I thought about decals and buttons and even patches. Those are very much still options, but apart from distribution concerns, life is so digitally-focused... and I can see a more immediate win with something trendy like the iMessage stickers. That said, I definitely approve of anything coming out of OpenIDEO decorating the lids of laptops!