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Trenton commented on The Caldas Social Business Times

This is a great idea for fostering peer support for social businesses. There's no reason why a newspaper like this couldn't be generated by the very people it is trying to target. Too often, the concept of a social business is seen as an outside organization that comes into a community to help "them". (not to mention all the media in developed countries that is more enamored of social entrepreneurs than the people they are trying to serve or the problems they are trying to solve.)
I think the educational and inspirational side of a newspaper like this could have a big impact on changing what people consider to be viable business models. It could also connect funders (NGOs or social investors) to worthwhile initiatives. Imagine if they ran a regular contest for business concepts and connected winners to the resources they needed - you'd have grassroots community-driven entrepreneurial innovation!


Trenton commented on Cartoneros – Cardboard Furniture

Sure! You could have an international design competition as they do on designboom.
I would hope that because of the ubiquitous "raw material" this is a concept that can be replicated in a host of other countries. A further hope would be that it inspires people to find creative uses for scavenged or recycled materials beyond cardboard.


Trenton commented on Create a '100 km Local Store' within the supermarket

I like that this idea is sustainable in the sense that the stores add value to what they provide by participating. Just as you've pointed out that stores have specialized sections devoted to niche markets, the 100km would be its own marketing. Of course consumers would have to be educated, just as they were about organic, non-gmo and gluten-free food.

My only concern with this mode of integrating local food is that vendors can, and usually will, charge a premium for specialized products. I would hate to see local food included in supermarket offerings, only to have it priced out of the range of the bulk of consumers. This structure can make it especially hard for low-income consumers to have access to the "special" food. Perhaps the government could offer other incentives for markets, especially ones in low-income, inner-city communities, to include a 100km section.