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Pamela, Natalie Lake was attentive enuf to suggest I be in touch with you...and after reading your post, she was spot on. My virgin visit to Portland was just last March, and we loved our 4 days there...lucky you, and Portland!

Your proposal has at least the value of putting power where leading edge thinking is, at the local level. It is in school and county boards, and city councils that healthy changes are being implemented...places where BIG MONEY dominates less often. So, definitely a plus on this measure.

Please find my post here re the focus idea. A simple caricature of the situation would look like this. Energy companies are Orange, Achievement oriented, self-expressive entities, with a strong, and required Blue, rules, purpose, and self-accommodating under pinning. Community, care for all life, organizations are the next level of cognitive complexity above, Orange. Saving the planet, species, all of us, and making sure we get input about the thoughts and feelings of everyone concerned is a Green orientation (just coincidentally the same color as eco stuff). The next level beyond Green is Yellow, and at this level people are no longer concerned about their personal identity issues, but about the overall health of the life system we all play a part in. From Yellow, the project becomes how to align what is needed, with who can satisfy this need...putting the links all together in a workable system.

Your project has some Yellow characteristics...let the collective wisdom of a community decide what is needed where, in what form, when, for its own community...while ensuring these changes benefit the whole living system. The concern for caring for the environment as a collective effort, if it includes the kind of sharing and deep communication necessary to field all points of view and all related feelings....this is Green. This is a huge step beyond Orange Achievement, but it carries its demise with it: Green can never make decisions quickly, so many decisions never get made...little progress from excellent values. Green also will often forget that Orange biz creates the foundation and money that allows Green to exist and do anything at all. It also will diminish the value of Blue rules and purpose, attempting to affirm all choices are equal...this removes the underlying procedural structures that support successful Orange, and Green.

I could go on, but the point is there are distinguishable value orientations within a community, and to be successful, they all most have their needs met. Hegemony by Red (Power Over), Blue (Rules and Purpose), Orange (Achievement) or Green (Inclusion) will emerge an imbalanced, unhealthy system. A Yellow perspective ensures that needs are met at all prior levels, thus arranging for healthy adaptations regularly and quickly.

I look forward to your comments here, and if you want more info otherwise, I am a few states East of you. :-)

Be well - Tom C.

You are in The Netherlands often it appears. The Netherlands has the most, and most experienced, experts in the model I provided here. If you want connections there write me I have a chapter in my upcoming book of case studies showing how an AIDS prevention campaign was designed to speak to each of these levels. So, certainly, messages to each of the levels present in an audience/market can be integrated into one campaign. I did give examples of how to speak to each level in my original post. More than that...ask me specifics and I'll help. In the end its all PR...inserting memes in a culture that is ready to propagate them. Align communities? Find what communities want, and show how renewable energy provides that. If you can't do that, you wont be seen as a trustworthy partner. Sense out where care will be received, and weave into that memes that are close enuf to what already exists to be adapted naturally. Pushing the river wont work, it must be natural alignment. There is a subtle bias in the superordinate goal, "Thrive and help Thrive". It presumes a willingness to help. That is a mistake...ooops...some folks can't afford to be open to helping. So for those folk the message would be reshaped to, "Thrive and Let Thrive". In fact, that is the form I have seen most often...perhaps because it can be accepted by the broadest range of mind sets. Thank you for your thoughts, and I hope there are more.


Tom commented on Open-Source Business Models

Well, look what you and your team did!!! Awesome! I suspect there is a lot of work ahead, but don't let that put a shadow on how big a deal being a winner among all these great ideas is! Already you are leaving an impressive trail. Onward!!!