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Contact me via:

Also you view photos of the small battery operated system at:

Likewise, I have a good presentation "Into The Dark" which I drafted for The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for Reinventing the Toilet. We didn't get funded but made the 2nd cut. I was asked to submit a proposal by Doulaye Kone.

Dear Dr. James K. Hahn,

A little about UV Lights. The major problem is the inefficiency in producing UV light below 300 nanometers with long linear lamps to produce a substantial dose to sterilize PPE. Quite simply it boils down to residence time within the KILL ZONE or UV Box. Likewise, the use of polycarbonate will not work. It absorbs UV light below 400 nm. A combination of an Ozone water wash followed by UV with an open arc is a better solution. See our website;

We produce the world's most powerful single source Plasma UV Lamp. We have operated the ArcWhirl at 48 volts DC using four 12 volt deep cycle batteries. So a solution does exist, but the problem arises in funding a system to go to 3rd World Countries. We can build a 35 kw ArcWhirl for $12,000. The 48 vdc ArcWhirl can be built for under $500.

The portable Solar ArcWhirl and its solar panels are housed in a fully sealed cargo container that would meet BSL-4 requirements for ingress and egress with Log 6 pathogen reduction for PPE. Likewise, since the ArcWhirl is a multi-mode plasma torch then it can be operated as a thermal oxidizer for complete destruction of PPE, linen, clothes, bodily fluids and waste at temperatures exceeding 5,400F.

When someone proposes the use of UV lights, I always try to turn their attention to suntan lotion. Why? What is the thickness of the sunblock layer applied on your skin? Hence, Ebola is easily killed with UV light below 300 nm. However, it must absorb a dose of EMR sufficient for a complete kill. Thus, when standard germicidal lamps quartz sleeves get dirty or glaze over due to solarization, then the system must be cleaned. And that in itself creates a new problem.

I would suggest a water/wind blown tornado with an open arc in the eye of the tornado. The person in PPE simply stands in the whirlwind and is exposed to water, ozone and UV light simultaneously. Simple and straightforward. The water is sterilized due to ozone and UV light and is recycled within the system.

Of course eye protection would be crucial. When we operate the ArcWhirl we require a #13 shield in order to stare at the Arc.


Todd Foret