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Tamar commented on Music and Memory

I took care of my mother for 4 years. She had dementia resulting from progressive supranuclear palsy. We listened to music together using headphones and an ipad, and it was almost our only way of communicating and having a shared experience. I knew which music she liked, and was able to select music that meant something to her, music that she had enjoyed in her life, and had loved.


Tamar commented on Breastfeeding is the best way to feed an infant

I'm not really sure of all my thoughts on this issue. It takes a lot of work from the mother to breastfeed twins, and the decision must be made by the mother. The advantages of breastfeeding might be outweighed by the huge demands on the mother, but if the mother is motivated there should be resources to support her.


Tamar commented on Breastfeeding is the best way to feed an infant

I appreciate all the positive comments and enthusiasm! Perhaps we should be generating ideas for promoting this important activity.

My thinking was originally around communications, stories, role models, and other efforts to create a culture supporting and encouraging breastfeeding. These, of course, need to be tailored for specific cultures.

I'm also thinking it might be interesting to explore fashion and clothing - to think about ways in which clothing can make it easier to breastfeed. Again, this needs to be specific to a culture, and there is a great opportunity to make it glamourous, modern, fashionable, and to also incorporate and honor traditional values.

I personally do not like to see tent-like structures that hide a nursing mother and baby, but the privacy afforded might be useful in some settings. Shawls can also be used to provide privacy.

One of the nice things about breastfeeding is that it really doesn't require any technology (although places like the US, Canada and Europe have developed a technology around pumping and storing breast milk - this is really not necessary, and may defeat some of the benefits of breastfeeding). So, in terms of a design challenge, breastfeeding doesn't require very much.

Perhaps another area to explore are convenient ways of carrying and keeping the baby close to the mother to allow for frequent and easy breastfeeding - and here, there is a great opportunity to learn from traditional practices and incorporate their designs into sturdy, inexpensive ways of keeping babies close to mom - does not need to be on the body, all the time, perhaps a portable basket or similar item that can be kept near the mother in the work place. And these need to be adaptable to different ages - 0-3 mos, 3-6 mos, 6-12 mos. Strollers work in some settings, but current strollers are quite elaborate and expensive.

Could go on and on about babies....