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It would be interesting if we could leverage the existing network of CSAs or Community Supported Agriculture that already has a presence in the wealthier urban areas. Often times, CSAs offer free doorstep delivery for many of their customers. I suspect this is a time-consuming and labor intensive process. It would be cool if a CSA truck made one stop in a centrally located urban area and solicited teenage students to deliver groceries in surrounding neighborhoods. Students would be "paid" with free food from the CSA. This could be a win-win-win. CSA reduces carbon footprint by utilizing less gas, neighbors receive timely delivery with a larger delivery service area, youths gain exposure to farms and are able to bring fresh free food home to the family.

Jen, I love your idea. Whole Foods often has placards indicating where food comes from, it would be neat if farmer could actually come to grocery stores to personally distribute their food to masses. It would help humanize the process.


Tiffany commented on Field trips to Farmers

Great idea. I love the concept of breaking down silos between urban and rural areas and enabling students to "interact" with farms so they understand where their food comes from. Urban buildings often lack space, but they all have rooftops. How about using the space on school rooftops to build greenhouses? There's a company called Topsprounts ( working on the concept right now. It serves multiple purposes: captures waste heat from school buildings, produces local food and enables students to directly connect and have a more comprehensive understanding of food.