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Sarah commented on The power of community - Women together for a Change

Great contribution Simona. Now I understand more clearly the points that you were making the other evening about needing connections within the community.


Sarah commented on Banco Pérola: social inclusion through small loans

Hi André

Many thanks for posting about Banco Pérola. I hadn't heard of them before now. I hope that people take the time to watch the video as there were a number of details and insights re. borrowers and entrepreneurs, that I didn't pick up on in the written paragraphs.

For example, the intimidation and discomfort people feel upon entering a bank and passing through security which could hinder them from applying for a loan, the amount of community involvement and research that the Bank does prior to giving a loan, and the business support that the borrower gets on a regular basis from the Bank.

Banco Pérola makes a lot of sense to me as it is supportive of the borrowers and community on a number of important levels. Yes, of course, the success of Banco Pérola is built on the success of the borrowers, but it seems that the founders genuinely care about the borrowers and the community and that they are successful too.


Sarah commented on Spreading Financial Literacy through Street Plays

I posted this comment on the KIVA contribution but think that I should post it here too as there is a connection.
First I should say that I am a long time KIVA lender, so I do support microlending. I can sit in my home in California and with a click of a button, I can feel like I am helping people get ahead in Developing countries. It is only since I have traveled to several of these countries and interacted with the locals, that have I discovered that most local people have never ever heard of a microloan even though I personally notice microlending institutions in the area. People don't know what a microloan is and they don't know how to go about getting one. I like the grassroots idea of financial literacy through street plays in communities because it could possibly bridge this information gap.