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Mohamed commented on The future in your hand

Nice insight about the plastic lining and you will face challenges ahead. Have you considered the idea of reducing the number of cups being used rather in recycling?
Also consider the fact that even if the cup is recyclable, the problem facing our planet is actually us. Even if it is a recyclable cup, human beings still throw it off on beaches, oceans, and anywhere they feel like. Take a look at this news report quite interesting!


Mohamed commented on Habit Changing Service

Great Idea. I also noticed this in all the coffee shops I have visited especially the ones local to me: Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Second Cup ( In Canada). Each of this store gives a ' to go' cup by default. Starbucks does not seem to have the option of an in-house mug. I know Second Cup does since sometimes they have asked me which cup I would like to drink in.

All these major coffee houses can decrease the number of paper cups once they switch to something simple such as ceramic or glass mugs in-house.