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Touraj commented on RecycleResearch

Hi Meena,

Thanks for the input! Indeed the potential for this project goes beyond just connecting employers to graduates. We envisaged that this would not only be a tool for graduates to share knowledge with the objective of self-promotion, but also as a means to create a vibrant non-academic community around research interests of young people.

The website is a good platform to publish research online, however it is somewhat limited in terms of interactivity and the ability to discuss that said research. We hope that putting complex research into a more simple lexicon via interactive articles will allow other people to get involved, learn about and debate over issues of public interest in all of the sciences.

Explanatory videos will be a good way of making the research more digestible to the average user and non-specialized employers who are seeking to understand the person and their ideas' potential. This also gives the publisher the ability to learn video editing and put a phase and voice to their research, making them more identifiable.

The e-learning games would be a great way to make the content more than just a simple read, but really to allow it to become memorized and engaged with by the website's users. One interesting template for the type of activity that we would put in place is , which also enables peer-based correction for more complex answers.

It would be great to hear more input from Openideo users, I'm sure many of you have valuable ideas to contribute to this project.