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Teamfrcc commented on Automate Me!

Financial literacy isn't just understanding how economics works but understanding how to interface with an economic network. It used to be one set of obstacles but now it is two and understanding how to use technology, despite all of its convenience, is probably more complicated than understanding investing and other money making or security strategies. If there were more easy to understand technological avenues for being financially stable and responsible it would take some of the technological mystery ofut of finances in the digital age. ~Paul Stark.

This idea would not only benefit those seeking to improve their financial literacy, but it will also revamp interest in public libraries in the day of the internet. I would be very interested in seeing what the outcome is in a program like this, and I would also be interested in getting involved. Keep up the great work!


Teamfrcc commented on Home Ec or Home Economics?

I think that although it can be hard to keep a curriculum up to date with technology certain more general themes are universally helpful such as teaching the benefits of more modest living. For example, frugal eating doesn't have to be eating stingily... teaching skill like meal planning and shopping list creation relating the positives of doing so is a skill many people lack. It could be made "cool" to cook, in my personal experience people who are able to cook well are admired by others for that skill. Other things that you normally wouldn't think of for home economics classes could also include homei nsulation and heating/cooling strategies. Balancing a checkbook is out of date but financial lessons including wealth building strategies such as investment, structured savings accounts, and the dangers of indebtedness could also be taught. Living within our means seems to have gone by the wayside in our country, I consider myself to be within a poorer level of society but i have a house, a computer, the ability to produce music and movies, some savings, the internet, a digital camera, a video game system, and a fancy mountain bike. All of those things used to be luxuries, and somehow people got by without them. I think home economics courses should stress the importance of creating a sustainable lifestyle which provides security for the individual.