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Tamas commented on Uber, but for finding Remote Teachers/Facilitators!

hey Asif Mojtoba Kabir 
I am thinking along a similar reasoning...
however, in today's world there really only needs to be one (maybe a handful)  person in the world who can explain a topic better than anybody else.
If you can learn from the best, read their book watch their video... then why would you go and consume content from anyone else?
Then what exactly is the "sage on stage" doing?
Their role changes from "teacher" to "facilitator".
You don't need an Uber of "teachers". You need an Uber of "facilitators"
Does the facilitator need to know everything? I don't think so. You can read, he/she can read.
So then what?...
Have you heard about the "granny cloud" - from Sugata Mitra, TED proze winner, education researcher.
It's an "uber of grandmas" so to speak... Granny does one thing, gives unconditional praise and appreciation. Then the students learn by themselves.
So one role of the facilitator is to be like granny.
If we don't want the students to be left on their own, then they need something else from the facilitators.
I think they need enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is contagious. And you cannot really get it online from recorded videos. It is much better live.
That is it.
Then we need to create automation that helps facilitators to deliver lessons. Lesson plans, and AI augmentation.