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Pin Chin commented on Reclaimed in Detroit

Hi Vincent,

I really believe in your vision that abandoned spaces are a blank canvas for re-invention, and I like the suggestions you have made.

I just wanted to refer you to a concept/model I learnt about a year ago called Rubanisation - it is a merger of the two words "Urban" and "Rural". Fundamentally, the architect who developed the model believes that we can re-conceive the spaces we live in such that city and country/nature/agriculture are the same realm. A Ruban dweller can have a sophisticated job and yet enjoy nature, have safe spaces for their children to play in, have an assortment of renewable energy sources, and eat local.

Just thought that this might be of interest to you, and might give some ideas to overall the re-design of the city.


Pin Chin commented on Infographics to Inspire Change

Hi Amanda,

I loved the idea! I am a proponent of using data visualization to help the masses grasp information, the scale of problems or challenges, or even the intensity of joy in communities.

My comment here would be - HOW would the infographics lead to action? I am pretty sure it would get a number of people riled up and excited but oftentimes, (1) productive action needs some guiding hands, and (2) importantly, I think that a lot of people think that their individual contribution cannot lead to much change, and so end up not doing anything about a problem. Can some kind of interactive, humanized infographics show people what their individual contributions can lead to?

So, I like the path that you are on. I just think that we could take it a step or two further.