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Hi Manisha, Thanks for this guidance as well. Estate communities are not mobile communities nor the urban communities. But, the same issue is found with our communities living in slums in Colombo district. So, I can suggest the same idea for them as well, but in need of some more time to collect the baseline information to support the idea. If I could do it before the deadline, I will surely apply for that as well.

Hi Manisha, Many thanks for your inputs to the idea. I have tried to illustrate it in a diagram and attached to the Idea. Hope, now it gives picture of the field operation.
Incentives to youth are in different forms:
1. Provision of opportunities in developing their knowledge and skills in creative arts and performances.
2. Provision of opportunities in receiving mobile phones and to be connected with public health officers as leaders of the estate community
3. Receive small monitory value for facilitation at the health clinics
4. The increased recognition from their communities, estate management and from the public health officers, with the engagement of the above mentioned activities

Hi Marichu, many thanks for the provided positive message and the helpful tips for the proposed idea. Since the idea presentation has limits in words, I would like to provide more information on the idea with regards to the raised concerns in this message.
As you mentioned, youth are the driving force of many countries with their creativity and energy. We have around one forth of the population as youths in the country and therefore, they are highly potential and required to be involved in the development process of the country. The estate communities are not interested in normal awareness programs held in their estates. But they are attracted for the programs using Creative Arts. Therefore, youth and the Arts will bring high opportunities to create awareness of the need and benefit of the vaccination among the parents and others of the estate families.
Youths are attracted to the new technology especially to the mobiles. Provision of these to youths, as incentives, will be used to collect and share the information of the families with the public health officers. This will bring a system among the estate communities and public officers to bridge the gap in information. The monthly held health clinics will be facilitated by the public health officers together with youth, based on these information and connections built. The youth are provided with small monetary incentive for this facilitation at the clinics. It is suggested to start a health fund with the estate cooperative society to sustain this even after the end of the project intervention. However, the increased awareness and the connection built (between the estate families and public health officers), will sustain for longer period, hence these services of youth will be required only up to that level. The engagement of youths is not required to be throughout the whole period. They can do the training, practices, awareness events, health clinics, sharing of information after school hours or in weekends or during their holidays.