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Hi Michael,

Great ideas! The YouTube is certainly a great channel for such initiatives - and adding messages to the video is as easy as a click of a button! YouTube advertising can also be utilized, though that will require a bit more of a budget.

As for the DVDs, I was thinking of having these as extras for some of the movies (or thriller and other stress-stimulating genres). If main actors are featured in those extras - even better!

Thank you once again - appreciate the contribution!


Hi Karolle,

Thank you so much for your notes!

The core of my idea is to empower women, using pre-developed resources for self-defense. It is based on the assumption that raising awareness of the tools available for self-defense will make women more prepared in case of an attack, and may decrease the instances of attacks in general. I agree with you that the majority of women are aware of violence, but not everyone may be aware of the resources that are available for them to combat that violence.

You are also completely correct in assuming that this will not eradicate the instances of attacks as it is not targeting the perpetrators, but that is not the angle of the problem I was aiming to tackle. My idea is focused on building awareness of the self-defense practices and empowering women by connecting them to the right resources.

I am by no means trying to 'scare' women into acting a certain way. On the contrary, I'm proposing to turn fear-stimulating TV shows already present on screen into helpful channels of communication. The fear generated through the programs would simply act as a motivator to 'click' on that button, or send that text that would come back with information on safety, self-defense, and other helpful resources. As the end result, the TV show that scared us, will become a TV show educated us on how to protect ourselves.

As a marketer, I was thinking of the right time to send the message in order for it to be heard, - and for me, that time is when your favorite TV heroine gets captured.

Thank you once again for your notes!


Hi Meena,

Thank you so much for sharing this - great information! Will reach out to them and see where we can take this!