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It would be very useful for any society to understand the purpose of higher education, not as a means to an end, but as an insightful and exciting process to take part of. I remember reading a book called "Education's End" by Anthony Kronman on how society, at least in America, has lost the meaning of higher education. Your idea could inject a fresh perspective on education for the long-run!

My concerns are whether this programme is holistic enough in understanding the purpose of education. Does it always need to revolve around solving problems, let alone world problems? You engage with younger students, which is good. But to make them figure out what problem they want to solve is, I believe, premature as well. It feels like they have to rush, then follow social pressures to enter university as soon as possible. Which then prompts these questions: is higher education a necessity for progression? Are there no alternate paths one can take other than through university? Can they not to choose an interest (learn about tea culture, learn about flowers, learn about ceramics, etc.). It does not particularly solve a problem, but there's still a clear purpose.
As much I have benefitted from higher education, it does not serve a purpose for everyone. In fact, sometimes it can limit an individual's thinking on what they can do with their life after graduation. Sometimes many individuals don't understand the full capacity of university resources. Other times, a student knows what problem they want to solve, but fail to achieve the goal when they find the job they wanted, because it just did not seem worth it anymore. Perhaps it was because they had an idealistic notion of the solution they had to solve the problem, but the friction (i.e. life's struggles) was too much for them, shattering dreams. That said, I believe university is not for everyone, and I am hoping you have a system that can solve this gap.

I may have not fully understood your concept, which is why I bring up these thoughts of mine. But I hope it can provide some useful feedback!