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Steli commented on Mortality Coach

Great that you ran this by someone..Hmmm, good points. I do wonder if any other coach can do this. 
I think this Mortality Coach could do all of the things you described and be there for people who want to make the most of life but also for those planning in advance for the day when they go. For some reason I think this coach would be most sought by people who know they are reaching the end (for example due to a sickness). I wonder who those people reach out to now when they do know the end is near. Is there a coach for that currently?  


Steli commented on Grow as A Tree When You Die

Aii Arisma : Thanks for this idea contribution. Just like many others - I love this idea. I always found the tought of decomposing in the ground kind of scary and this seems like such a beautiful alternative. 

Everyone here seems to be very supportive of this concept. So I was wondering, have you heard any negative reactions to this idea? I wonder what concerns some people might have that could be addressed early on. Just like with everything else, I think also here there are at least 2 sides of the coin :) 


Steli commented on Mortality Coach

Anne-Laure Fayard : How about also adding the name "End of Life Advisor" or "End of Life Planning Coach"?