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Rollston commented on LettuceBee Accepted


Fantastic initiative !!!. How do the families manage the loss of the income stream being brought in by the children, you mentioned in the attached paper that the mothers are involved in Sammaan, to reduce the income lost, though does this fully bridge the gap ? Are there other ways in which the families can do this, without having to get their children to work again ?

I'm drawn to the mentoring side of this idea, I completed a mentoring program several years ago, through the logistics association of Australia ( ), which matched mentee's with like minded mentors. It was a 6 month program in which was completely voluntary so really relied on the motivation of both parties to regularly communicate and to organise catch ups to run through problems, ideas I was having in my own work environment. What I liked the most about this program was that I was matched with someone who was in the same line of work as I,though in a completely different industry and allowed me to observe similar issues that transcended through both industries but completely different ways of dealing with them.

Whilst I had a really positive experience and after 5 or 6 years of completing the program and I'm still in touch with my mentor, I was surprised by the % of drop outs in the program. If memory serves correct the group started with 15 and only 6 or 7 remained at the end of program. After speaking with a few of the mentees that dropped out, the reasoning behind it ranged from just being time poor to being matched with someone that they couldn't relate too or felt the mentor wasn't involved as much as they wished and lost motivation.

The matching of mentors in your program would be a crucial component to this program, I think my success was not so much down to the selection criteria that was used by the association but by the interest both of us had working in the same field (Supply Chain) but completely different industries ( Events & Distribution) and seeing the ways both our industries tackled similar issues, we both borrowed successful solutions and were able to apply them to our own work environment.

Great Idea !!!


Rollston commented on Community savings

Would think by engaging with either a credit union or community type bank that would actually hold the funds. as it's a community based idea then yes it would be a publicly nominated board to decide on the use of the funds. Trust is obviously a big issue when it comes to money in any setting so would think much the same as the community appointed board, in that the people living in this community would engage with each other and foster trust by achieving projects they have decided on.