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Sophia commented on Moovy - harnessing the Internet for self learning

Re: what's new. Good question Rika. This is essentially a MOOC on digital literacy. Here's what's new:
1) All content is Andragogical, that's a huge paradigm shift (if you look up Andragogy).
3) Low bit-rate + high compression can enable feature phones to consume our MOOC as well. You can't do that with the likes of Khan Academy, Coursera, etc.
2) Content will be sourced from within the communities we're serving. This can be challenging, but point 1 will act as an enabler.


Sophia commented on Talk2Me: An online Q&A board for students

Andy, thanks for the thoughts :-)

To ensure the feedback mechanism remains tied to the learning objectives, one way is to grant 'super user' status to teachers. Super users can have votes that are 'heavier' than typical users (e.g. one upvote from their end counts for 10 regular upvotes from students). Super users can also outright filter certain content if they deem it necessary (delete, or edit it). These are not-too-complex functionalities I can probably code over a weekend. I suppose that allays your concerns? Do give more feedback!