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Souad commented on SPEAK

Congratulation Rita Brito e Faro for being a shortlisted.
Awesome project! Speak fights against the social exclusion of migrant and refugees caused by social barriers discrimination. We share same challenge, how to improve the social/cultural integration of refugees & immigrants in the host country.
Speak is in 21 cities in European countries, I’ve noticed that you are yet existed in France. Maybe we could collaborate together about on/off platform of language teaching, we teach Specialized French language about the art and culture for our participants in the tailored training program with museums.

All the best in the improve phase,

Souad Nanaa


Souad commented on Build bridges through culture

Hello Victor Mancini,
Please find herewith my answers to your questions:
1. any other roles besides tour guide? We started with the museums because we were lucky to conclude a partnership with most prestigious museums in Paris (Orsay & Orangerie). But our strategic plan is to diversify the provided service in order to cover all aspects of art and culture including cinema industry, painting, public libraries, etc.
As bridge builder, we try to create a link between the newcomer and the local whenever an opportunity arise. For instance, one of our coming activity is to create a workshop for one of our trainees who was a painter in his country, he will give painting lessons to the local community.
2. What support system is in place during and after the program? we provide after each training session an educational booklet in different languages, the museum provides a certificate of attendance, The French specialized lessons are free of charge ers.
And we keep personal contact with them after the program on both professional and personal levels.
3. Do the Trainees get paid? In fact, this one of our challenges, they don’t, but the idea is there, offering an incentive reward.
4. Are there any testimonials from the trainees on the real impact the project has had on their lives?Yes, by the end of the training program, one of the trainees got a job with the foundation LVMH, and he is very happy and satisfied.
5. How will the newcomers establish build and network with people in their relevant industry? The establishing network comes through the direct contact with the staff of the museums, the volunteers of the local community, the teachers of the specialized French courses, the coaches, the trainers..
What's the process of getting into the program?Actually, we set in collaboration with our partners a set of selection criteria. To have a level of A2 or B1 in French language, to have a legal status and job permit in the host country, to show an interest in art & culture, he/she is looking for a job opportunity, to have an experience in the art and culture is a plus.
How would you add to the idea? We are young association, but we have very high ambitions, we will develop the project horizontally and vertically. We are working on improving the French courses as tool by creating a language lab.
8.How can this idea be scaled up? By developing our website as a mirror to our mission, improve presence on social media, and look for potential partners.
9.How can the program extend the experience of empowerment and local culture to family members at home who aren’t part of the program? it’s an important question, the integration in both cultural and economical of the newcomers is reflecting on his/her their family members, we encourage the trainees to bring their family members and to our organized events that they are participated in, we arrange an outing, pique-nique where we invite their family members. For instance tomorrow evening, the trainees will be actors on the ground by presenting the painting of the permanent collections of Orsay Museum to the public during a special event ‘’la curieuse nocturne’’, the family members will witness the accomplishment of their father/mother/sister
10.How are the goals of the program measured? We conclude at the end of the program a meeting with the trainees in order to get their feedback, their expectation and their aspiration, and we conclude a meeting as well with our partners, where we discuss the achieved/, not achieved objectives and the reason behind, and how we could improve the level of the training program to serve the best.
11.There should be multiple roles available to suit different personality and skills: Yes, that’s right, it does not necessary who attend the training program become a tour guide, that’s why the job offer covers different functions taking into consideration the skills and the linguistic competency of each one, but still the training program is the ABC of entering the museum and identifying the contents.
12. How can the project be used for art therapy?You tackle very important issue, in fact the art has a positive impact and give him/her the hope and the motivation to re-start their life. It contributes to the mental health to those who have suffered from the trauma of being in the middle of sea fighting to stay alive, or the persecuted person in his/her country. They expressed their feeling many times, during the museum visit, ‘’it’s a kind of travel through the history, through their history and where the intercultural communicate.

Your suggested points about rotation in roles, their own interpretation, tours more accessible, Educate children about host country's culture are valuables and we will consider them in our improved plan.

I apologize for the delay of reply, it’s technical issue, I posted the answers on Monday 09 September, but it was a technical mistake from my side, I forgot to save the page.


Souad commented on Build bridges through culture

Hello Bremley Lyngdoh,
Yes, I contacted my mentor and our virtual meeting will be tomorrow 18 Sept at 8.00 PM France time.
Regarding the 3 questions I will post them by tomorrow.
Best regards,