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A service that provides surplus produce and promotes healthy diets in food deserts.

A service that provides surplus produce and promotes healthy diets in food deserts.

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Stephen commented on Sprout

Hi Jessie!

Thank you for your response. I agree. I'm guessing there would be some deal between Sprout and the supermarkets where we would get x% of surplus produce maybe on certain days or based on amount of surplus. However, I do not think it would hurt the supermarket's business as the food is surplus which would have been thrown away. Now, they are either donating it, or selling it for a small percentage to Sprout to further use.


Stephen commented on Sprout

Hey Thomas!

Thank you for such an insightful and well written response! Much appreciated. I agree that all of these are potential problems.

If farms are within a certain mile radius from the city, I think it's justified shipping product directly from the farms. But, the primary source of produce would come from grocery store surplus. 

If produce is not selling, it would keep lowering in price, or end up being free. I think it would be more beneficial to give an apple that only has a day left to someone who will eat that for free than throwing it away. After all, we are tackling food waste, so I don't think anything from the pods would end up being thrown away.

I think prices would depend on the season and quantity that's already available. So, if there is a lot of one particular fruit, the price would be lower.

Thanks for the feedback!


Stephen commented on Sprout

Hi Gina!

Thank you for your response and the great feedback! I agree with you on the donation of surplus produce. It may be tricky to actually work out a system with third party vendors and still manage to make profit. 

The food not sold by the Sprout mobile pods would then be checked to make sure it is still edible and not spoiled. If the produce is still good, it would then be the next day for an even lower price.