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Suzanne commented on Building Resilience and Hope in the Somali Diaspora

Uchenna thank you so much for your comments here. The beautiful thing about using mind body healing practices that are grounded in faith and culture is that they impact every person who utilizes them. We make no distinction between different abilities, and the trainings that have taken place are intended to reach a wide audience. It would certainly be our hope that should this project be funded, we could continue our work to provide more people with access to resilience skills, birthing coaches and emergency medical personnel in the targeted areas. My best wishes.


Suzanne commented on Building Resilience and Hope in the Somali Diaspora

I am Abdi Ali. I am posting this message in support of this very important project. Thank you, Muna Ismail, for your comment and the good work you are doing in London at the "Refugees as Re-builders Program. I agree that the idea of addressing collective and second-generation trauma is very important but needs to be addressed if we are to create hope and dignity in our people. I am also a Somali diaspora based in the USA with skills in healing trauma through Mind-Body Medicine. I am looking forward like you to contributing to the community in treating scares of drought, famine, and violence in our people. Providing livelihoods is a basic need and both local and international NGOs are addressing but addressing the impact of collective and second-generation trauma is an area that has been neglected and could be the missing link to the improvement of health and wellness of the people. NDEF Camaroon also mentioned the improvement of livelihoods through agroforestry practices and this is very important but since the inhabitants of Northern Kenya are pastoralist, buying animals in restocking program would be an ideal program to improve their livelihoods. The project is very important and will lead to improving general lives as well.


Abdi Ali


Suzanne commented on Building Resilience and Hope in the Somali Diaspora

Thank you so much, Muna, for sharing your great work with us. I agree, the topic of collective trauma and its impact on human development is an emerging one, and one that we are deeply engaged in with our work. Of particular interest are studies from Harvard Center for the Developing Child showing the life long trajectory for people with early toxic stress or acute trauma, how it affects behavior, brain development and overall health and wellbeing in later years. The research that the Center for Mind Body Medicine (based in Washington, DC, one of our key partners) has done in the Gaza (among other places including Haiti post earthquake) on how using mind body practices to calm central nervous system, along with the evaluations from the Islamic Mind Body Medicine training we are piloting here in Minnesota lead us to believe that our approach to leadership development is in fact an innovative one, but one that is based on science, led by community-identified leaders, and grounded in cultural strength. I hope to continue learning together in this process!