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Sohini commented on Full Circle Cafe

During the SF Open IDEO meetup on 9/3, Amanda, Jacob and I worked together to discuss this idea.

Phase I: Getting into the program
-Getting into the "Full Circle Cafe" Program
-Application process - an unemployed individual b/n the age of 16-22
-Defining clear specifics of what the applicants need to have/not to have
-Explaining the benefits of the program

-Having an application both online and offline
-Promoting the job(s) through grassroots methods, houses of worship, local places, word of mouth

-Orientation and onboarding
-Clearly defined goals for both the applicant and employer

Phase II: Working in the program
-Rotation (6 month) contract program
-Rotating b/n different roles within the cafe
-Weekly 1:1 checkins
-Workshops series, networking events available during work hours and non work hours so all employees have a chance to attend
-Shadowing professionals on the job

Phase III: After the Program
-Gain confidence
-Learning to network with alums and other professionals
-Having a survival kit - learning to be responsible, work life balance, paying bills, learning to apply for other jobs if they become unemployed again
-Learning about the business
-Having an alumni network for employees to draw from so that the youth that participates in this program can be future mentors to new youth coming in
-Building new cafes in other areas to spread the knowledge, especially where unemployment is high