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Shruti commented on microloans for students - a thought experiment

Hi Ryan! I think the insight that 'people like to give to people' is really useful. We often forget that products sell better when people identify the use and the user.
As for the point about students feeling guilty about asking for money, I think this is a phenomena which has developed about of the current situation with colleges and student loans. I myself feel ridiculous even asking my parents for a little bit extra so I can explore my area of interest.. haven't they done enough already? :)
Your suggestion therefore fits in well.. A targeted loan for a targeted outcome is empowering, makes the student feel responsible and makes the person giving the loan feel that they have helped someone in a way which is bigger than a 'handout'. ( Maybe you can add a postcard feature- the person giving the loan can receive a postcard when the targeted activity is done, hopefully with a personalized thank you note !)

It will be interesting to see what types of loans are popular. Do you think certain student activities will gain more traction?


Shruti commented on Gaming and Finance

Nupur, great idea! Understanding money is usually left out of formal education and finally understood by very few. Gamifying it is a great way to make children enthusiastic about it!