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sensheng commented on Croople small holders futures

This is a good idea, the users can know all the information about who is farming what, when, where and how, with that information we can provide several services to different customer segments. The customers can trust the farmers and they also can know more about the products they want buy. It is a good way to help farmers to sold their products quickly.


sensheng commented on –big data designed for small farmers

This is a good idea to solve the selling problems for farmers. But I think the farmers can accept the new technology or not. In my country, most of farmers cannot accept the new technology, Using the smart phone for them is a big challenge. So, I think before we should increase the farmers knowledge first.


sensheng commented on Rural Financing for Smallholder Farmers in Ghana

This idea is interested, I also kwon some thing about that most of Chinese Bank would provide a small unsecured loans for the farmer if they need money at the beginning or near the harvest. But as I known, most of farmer would not apply it, as the interest is also too high for them, and tier benefit would be lower.