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Sean commented on GO COMMUNITY (Updated 12/07/2015)

Glad you were able to take a look at it. The infographic in the report is excellent. If you really wanted data, you could spend some time with this report from the National Student Clearinghouse on Transfer and Mobility. There's a lot there but it is important work:

By the way, millions of students are doing this now. If you really want to learn more about transfer and mobility, check out this study from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center:


Sean commented on GO COMMUNITY (Updated 12/07/2015)

Absolutely love this idea. Feel the same way. Community college students represent a huge percentage undergraduate students today, 10.5 million to be specific. I can see that you've been developing this steadily as well. There's a lot more here now than when I first saw it a few weeks back.

One thing I think you should consider is that many of the students that attend community college are older. There's a lot of information out there to take a look at like this report from The New America Foundation which shows that, "American community college students are more likely to be older, commute to school, work part-time, and care for dependents than their public four-year and private nonprofit counterparts"

They have a great infographic as part of their report:

Keep going with this!