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Dina commented on The SIMS: Personal Finance Life Simulation

There is a tangibility to this that I really appreciate and find useful. Great idea!


Dina commented on Making the small print legible

I think we all needed a reminder about how influential design is, especially for accessibility. We don't always write to be read, we write to use, too. Financial institutions becoming more accessible to the public will allow those that might need more of their support than others to become more comfortable and savvy when making financial decisions.

A wholesome example of this that I can think of, although not entirely relevant, is what writer Cameron Sinclair details in his book Design Like You Give A Damn. After the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, a collaboration occurred between the city and those that were displaced and of low income, where the city provided a temporary house in the Golden Gate Park. People would pay $2 a month
and could pay to move the house, but all the houses had to be gone by August 1907 or
they would lose their ownership. What really struck me about this financial arrangement was that there seemed to be a mutual comprehension and an element of sympathy that allowed this concept, albeit in the early 20th century. I think incorporating a similar attitude about financial accessibility can be helpful in the long run.

(Design Like You Give a Damn: Architectural Reponses to Humanitaria Crises. New York: Metropolis, 2009. Print.)