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Stefano commented on No Waste Technology (NoW)

Clearly, you didn't read my application.
The lamination technology is in the between of the materials, then, since the internal layer is necessarily a barrier film (i.e. regenerated cellulose, PLA, PE or any film or coating the brand owners/customers would like to use for their products), this will prevent the activation of our technology in separating the materials.
Please also note that this technology is currently used in many different applications in Europe and for different products (such as flexible packaging for pasta, coffee, fresh salads, etc.), then, it's well proven and established. Furthermore, we had the honor to be chosen as one of the few best practice on Circular Economy by the European Commission

I'm not proposing a new material to substitute the cardboard or the current liners, I'm providing the solution to still using them in a way they will be easily and effectively recycled and/or composted.

I'd say that both you and Mr. Arrhenius can sleep serenely


Stefano commented on No Waste Technology (NoW)

I don't see how your comment would either fit to my submission or add any value to the problem and to this challenge.
With that being said, if you were reading with consciousness my application, you'd get that what I'm presenting is not a specific product but, instead, a lamination technology able to return all the materials, used into the lamination, to their original state as they were before the lamination and, then, allowing their recycling (if the single raw materials are recyclable - i.e. like paper) or their composting (again only if the single raw materials are compostable). Then, to answer to your question, I don't want to start arguing on your thesis - even if questionable - but I'll reply as simple as: exist certifications for compostability around the world (EN 13432, ASTM D6868 & D6400, etc.) and if the raw materials used together with our NoW technology meet their requirements the product will be certified as compostable.
NoW technology is providing a lamination process which doesn't affect the nature of the raw materials chosen for any specific application (i.e. a coffee cup, a coffee bag or any packaging of any nature), then, they are still completely recoverable without any particular process but through standard recycling/composting methods.
Hopefully I've clarified the sense of our technology and submission, if not, c'est la vie!
Ciao, have a good day and my greetings to Mr. Arrhenius!


Stefano commented on No Waste Technology (NoW)

Hi Lauren,
Yes we have some picture of the cups made with one of the proposed design. I'll add them to the contribution.

Please note that what we are presenting is primarily the NoW technology as a lamination technology that allows the production of any paper-based lamination in order to be recyclable and, if the raw materials used are compostable, compostable too.

The technology gives the possibility to achieve any goal (recyclability, compostability, cost efficiency, materials saving) depending to the combination of materials used.

The proposed structures are case studies of what's doable today, with current manufacturing technologies and currently available raw materials, to achieve the committee's goals in a smart and cost effective way.

Regarding your second question, the NoW technology is currently used by our Italian packaging team at Policarta Srl ( mainly for the production of paper-based flexible packaging for the food industry (bakery, pasta, seeds, fresh fruit, etc.) and we are about to form the No Waste Alliance Foundation together with the brands that are currently using the technology as well as any stakeholder on Circular Economy to promote the spreading of best practices and cultural initiatives around this topic in both EU and USA.

Thank you!